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Engaging Academia in Sustainability

Welcome to our Knowledge Hub, where we empower academia to lead in the global movement toward sustainability and achieving Net Zero. At Global Climate Connect CIC, we recognize that educational institutions are pivotal in shaping the environmental stewards of tomorrow. Join us on an ambitious journey, leveraging the power of academia to forge a sustainable future, backed by a legacy of impactful workshops and initiatives in the field of sustainability.

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Tailored Workshops & Webinars

Embark on a practical journey toward sustainability with our tailor-made workshops & webinars covering topics such as climate change, carbon management, and sustainable practices, tailored to the unique context of each educational institution.

Foster Understanding:

Dive into topics like Net Zero, embodied carbon, and operational carbon footprint.

Encourage Action:

 Equip students and staff with knowledge and strategies for sustainable changes.

Engage Creatively:

Experience dynamic teaching methods that bring complex concepts to life.

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Contact us to discover how our workshops and webinars can catalyze behavioural change and inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders.

Setting a Gold Standard for Academia

Our Centre of Excellence scheme is central to inspiring educational institutions to achieve greatness in sustainability. It draws upon a rich history of successful sustainability practices and aims to set a gold standard in academia. This initiative recognizes outstanding commitment and innovation and fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual learning among institutions.

Our Centre of Excellence scheme recognises educational institutions at three levels for their commitment to sustainability:


Celebrates foundational steps in integrating sustainability into educational frameworks.


Acknowledges deeper integration and application of sustainable practices.


Honors exemplary leadership and innovation in sustainability education.

Educational Offerings

Enhance your curricula with our comprehensive sustainability modules, integrating crucial topics and preparing students to contribute effectively to global environmental solutions. Contact us for our educational offerings, including in-depth courses, resource materials, and expert guidance. All designed to support your institution's sustainability journey, these resources are informed by a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of sustainability education.

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Join our mission at Global Climate Connect CIC. Enhance your institution's sustainability impact, participate in our Centre of Excellence scheme, and become part of a global network dedicated to environmental stewardship. Contact us today to learn more and be part of this vital movement toward a sustainable future.

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